Professional oriented program

The Professional Oriented Higher Education (POHE) curriculum is being developed from the 2015-2016 school year with a five-year training program, with three majors: Software Engineering, Computer Networking and Web, Mathematics, Applications.

This training program is career-oriented, suitable for graduates who work for companies and businesses. The main objective of the program is to help students have good skills right from graduation, graduation to have the skills to quickly perform well professional work. As a result, since the program’s inception, IT Faculty has carefully surveyed the world of work including corporate / business managers, IT graduates from the Faculty of Information Technology and from universities. other. During the training there will also be active support and participation from companies / businesses to help students get access to the world of work outside the school. 100% of the students will practice internship and practical internship at companies / enterprises operating in IT field.

Another advantage of this training program is the inheritance and promotion of the advantages of the academic orientation of the faculty opened many years ago. Career-oriented programs do not just include vocational training courses at centers or vocational schools but also a substantial amount of basic knowledge and academic direction to ensure that students have the knowledge. The required science combines professional experience, and can be followed by a postgraduate course oriented towards the application or academic direction to enhance the experience and knowledge at the Faculty of Information Technology – Vietnamese Academy of Agriculture. Male, or at other training institutions at home or abroad.

In the first academic year, each major will enroll approximately 25 students.

List of companies proposed for joint training:

– Vietnam Multimedia Communication Service Joint Stock Company (VMMS)

– ATO Technology Joint Stock Company

– FPT Information System (FIS)

– FPT Software (FSOFT)

– Nacencomm Card Technology Joint Stock Company

– Center for Research and Development of Telecommunication Network Equipment (VTCore) – Viettel Army Telecommunication Corporation