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Department of Computer Science – Faculty of Information Technology
Office Location: 3rd Floor, Administration Building, Hanoi University of Agriculture
Telephone: 84.4. 62617523
Email: vtluu[at]

Degrees and experience Teaching Scientific research Publications Academic honors CV

Degrees and experience

    • 11/2012 Master,  HaNoi University of Science and Technology, 2012
    • 8/2008  Engineer, VietNam national University of Agriculture, 2008


      1. Basic Information
      2. Computer architectures and Micro-processing
      3. Front-end web development
      4. Web interface design
      5. Micro-processing and Assembly programming
      6. Operating System principles

Scientific research

      • Research design techniques  and development for mobile web and deploying it in Faculty of Information Technology and  Hanoi University of Agriculture,University-level project, 2014, Participation Member.
      • Application of machine learning techniques in data analysis SNP,  University-level project,   2014, Participation Member
      • Research on the use of biology networks to predict genes related to human cancer, University-level project, 2016, Key Member
      • Research Binary Hashing on the application of digital image search, University-level project, 2018, Participation Member
      • Evaluation of rice seed viability and rice plant growth through image-based phenotype analysis Bilateral cooperation in Belgium Viet – Bi (FWO),  2017 -2018, Participation Member


      • Vũ Thị Lưu*, Trần Thị Thu Huyền, Nguyễn Thị Huyền, Nguyễn Thị Thủy . ”Building database and module search for the images of several rice varieties in Vietnam”, Hanoi University of Agriculture’s Journal of Science and Development, 2018
      • Tran. T. T. H , Nguyen. T. T, Nguyen. T. T, Hoang. T. T, Vu. T. L, “Building Image Database and Retrieval System for Rice Seed Identification”, Hanoi University of Agriculture’s Journal of Science and Development, Vol. 13, N0. 6: 955-967, 2015
      • Vu. T. L, Tran. T. T. H, Phan. T. T, Nguyen. T. T, Nguyen. T.T, “Developing Database and Online Seraching Sytem of Popular Rice Varieties in Viet Nam”, Vol. 13, N0. 5: 813-824, 2015
      • Pham. Q. D, Phan. T. T. H, Tran. T. T. H, Vu. T. L, “Responsive Design and Its Application to Designing Website of the Faculty of Information Techonology”, Vol. 13, N0. 4: 645-656, 2015
      • Nguyen. T.T, Vu. T.L, Phan. T.T.H, “Building a  automatic license plate recognition system”, Official women conference 2012, 2012.

Academic honors

      • Typical students of information technology, 2007