The Mathematics Department‘s total number of lecturers & staff is of 20 persons, of which 12 have Master degree, 3 PhD. There is one studying a PhD programme in France and 3 attending Master programmes in Vietnam.

Lecture subjects

– Algebra and Analytical Maths for students in Faculty of Natural Resources & Environment, Faculty of Economics & Rural Development, Faculty of Economics & Marketing Management, and Faculty of Information Technology.

– Higher Mathematics for students in faculties of Bio-technology, Veterinary Medicines, Pedagogy & Foreign Language, Food Technology, Agronomy and Domestic Husbandry.

– Data Analysis and Manipulation for  students in Faculty of Information Technology, Electrics & Mechanics

– Applied Mathematics for students in Faculty of Natural Resources & Environment.

– Probability & Statistics for students in all 13 faculties in HUA.

– Math 17A, Math 17B for students in the Advanced Education programme of Crop Science, Faculty of Agronomy.

– Giảng dạy môn Math1, Math2 for students in in the Advanced Education programme of the faculty of Economics & Marketing Management

National Olympic of Mathematics for University Students

– Since ten years ago, the Department has been in charge of HUA Selected Team to participate in annual National Olympic of Mathematics including selection, training and organisation. The results over these years are very encouraging, especially considering we belong to an agricultural university, not specializing in fundamental sciences:



2008-2009 1 first prize
2009-2010 1 second, 3 third, 1 supplementary prize
2010-2011 4 third, 1 supplementary prize
2011-2012 3 third, 2 supplementary prize
2012-2013 1 third, 4supplementary prize