Computer Networking and Data communications program

The training program on computer network and data communication industry (MMT & TTDL) aims to train bachelors with strong political qualities and good health; have solid knowledge and skills in the field of computer and information technology (IT); ability to self-study, self-research to meet the work requirements of agencies and companies related to the field of computers and IT.
1.2. Detail goal:
MT1: Working in computer and IT fields at public agencies, organizations, enterprises in the country and internationally.
MT2: Updating new technologies and techniques in the industry to improve professional qualifications, meet changing job requirements and sustainable career development.
MT3: Socially and ethically responsible, motivated by lifelong learning, active and creative in professional work.
2. Standard output
2.1. Knowledge
* General knowledge
– CDR1: Applying knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, information technology, foreign languages ​​to the field of computers and IT effectively.
* Expertise
– CDR2: Analysis of operating principles of computer operating systems, computer networks and communications, information security, programming techniques, databases in the development of network and communication systems, information system management, network security, network software development and communications.
– CDR3: Assessing the quality of network systems, system security of organizations and businesses according to a number of criteria.
– CDR4: Network system design and system security of organizations and businesses.
2.2. Skill
* General skills
– CDR5: Applying creative thinking skills and critical skills to solving professional issues.
– CDR6: Coordinate working in groups with member roles, leading the team to achieve the set goals when participating in professional projects.
– CDR7: Applying multimedia communication skills, adapting to a multicultural environment, reading and understanding specialized documents in English.
* Advanced skill
– CDR8: Fluent in at least one programming language.
– CDR9: Solving problems arising in construction, operation, maintenance and security of network and communication systems.
– CDR10: Effectively manage computer networks and communications systems.
2.3. Autonomy and responsibility
– CDR11: Express entrepreneurship and lifelong motivation.
– CDR12: Demonstrating social responsibility, compliance with laws and professional principles, and environmentally conscious.
3. Career orientation of the student after graduation
– After graduating from university, major of MMT & TTDL has the ability to work in units operating in the field of computer and IT with the main positions:
+ Engineer analysis, design, construction of network systems; IT project management staff;
+ Specialist in operating, managing and securing network and data communication systems;
+ Specialist in designing and ensuring the operation of network systems in businesses, agencies, schools, …
+ Researchers and information technology applications at research institutes, ministries, departments, branches and training establishments.
+ Lecturer in the field of computers and IT at universities and colleges.
+ After completing the university education program, you can continue studying and doing research at graduate level and graduate students to become experts in the field of computer and IT.