Cybercrime affects almost all countries. In order to face it, well-trained specialists in advanced computer technologies are needed. The three participating Partner Countries suffer from a shortage of managers, technicians and engineers to address this major problem. The need for the project which develops university education in this sector is, thus, quite evident. Highly qualified graduates with vocational or professional background are needed, as are academic and professional staff to train them. Continuing education to keep them abreast of the latest developments in this advanced area is an imperative. The project focuses on curriculum development in the area of computer sciences or, more specifically, security services.

A survey of 500 companies will analyze the needs in basic and specific skills in businesses and therefore the training needs and specialization required for the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. It will then list them, break them down into semester’s curriculum and different teaching units. The teaching units would be practical work, work laboratory, personal work and allocation of ECTS credits. It will then be possible to  design the courses contents and educational resources in each of the three countries and to set up a center of excellence in each of the three leading universities (resource center and technology platform equipped by the project).

The project envisages training courses that can be accessed online as well. Each partner university will build or adapt a didactic cyberspace in which all activities will take place. In order to respond flexibly to the businesses’ needs the project will also built a modular system covering all fields of network administration and security of computer systems (10 modules). In particular, they cover the following fields: cryptographic mechanisms and applications; administration and network security system; software engineering ; UML and security; certified and secure development; security application; wireless mobile devices; security organization and methods. In each region 50 professionals will be trained in this online course offer.